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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  September 2, 2011 6:00am-6:05am EDT

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missing -- anybody notice you have never seen the patty and willie geist together. it's one person. "morning joe" begins right now. the side show won't matter. the economy matters. the american people matter. jobs matter. that's what we are focused on. thursday today, thursday today. the president wants to talk to the american people and call on congress to act. it's what we are going to do. >> 6:00 on the east coast. good morning it's friday, september 2nd. can you believe it? school starts soon for the kids. with us on set, the
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editor-in-chief and co-publisher of the new york daily news, mark zuckerman joins us. good day to have you. peter alexander is here. >> sorry i'm here. >> we have completely tore you down. welcome to "morning joe." have you liked being here all week? >> i loved being here. >> were you here when we were gone? >> yeah. >> what's the difference? >> is this thing rolling? it's nice to always have you here. how did that go? >> wow. >> more enthusiasm. >> the table shifts all the time. it's fun to see the trading places. >> thank you, peter. he won't be back. deputy washington bureau chief, michael crowley is back with us. haven't seen you in a long time. >> it has been a long time. >> where have you been?
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>> new york then washington. i'm glad to be here. >> sam stein from the "huffington post." you are in washington this morning. >> i'm waking up. joe will be here shortly. let's talk about what is in the news. i think -- i can't wait to hear your take on this bank story, which we'll get to in a moment. we'll start with jobs as president obama prepared for a jobs address next week. they are releasing a revised economic forecast predicting a decline in budget for 2012. 9.1% this year and 9.0% next year. estimated gdp growth expected to go up. the budget deficit would hit
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$1.3 trillion this year lower than the $1.6 trillion deficit estimated in february. paul ryan attacked the white house calling president obama's jobs record dismal. he said today's reports confirm the president's policies failed to deliver on his promises of job creation, deficit reduction and much needed economic growth. since taking office, the president's policies made a difficult situation worse. with the president's jobs speech rescheduled. jay carney would not preview the speech, but there are reports it could include a national infrastructure bank to entice private investors to get involved in road projects. the president ignored his conservative critics and take
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action. john larson, chair of the house democratic caucus is expected to release three bills today to shift the focus of the deficit committee into job creation as well. with the speech scheduling snafu behind him, house speaker john boehner is moving to his own address. his office confirms he will deliver his remarks to washington on september 15th. let's stop there and pause. first of all, boehner, i'm not surprised they are taking on. they should have their own ideas. this infrastructure concept, we don't know a lot about it, but it feels tired. >> it hasn't really started. everybody has been recommending this for several years. it's one of the best opportunities we have to fix the
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infrastructure. it's a job multiplier. it doesn't just save jobs, multiplies them. it's not going to take a long time to get under way so the impact on the economy is going to be quite, quite -- >> i think that's what i mean. it feels as if it should have been launched two years ago. >> i recommended it at the president's jobs conference two years ago. i spoke with ray lahood, the secretary of transportation and it didn't get under way. it's astounding it didn't get under way. >> go ahead. >> when you combine that and the fact most of the other ideas out there are hard sells on capitol hill. people want obamat of


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